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Hi team, I am John McCormick, qualified Personal Trainer specialising in general weight/fat loss and muscle/strength building as well as competition specific figure and body building programs and training. I have extensive experience in sports training (Canterbury Country Rugby rep), Olympic Lifting (competed for 11 years) and more recently body building.    0212957529

  1. Tone up & lose weight
  2. Gain muscle
  3. Gain strength
  4. Learn olympic lifting

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How I can help you!

How i can help you

Though training for body building competitions and figure competitions is at the more extreme and competitive end of the spectrum, the same principals apply for fat loss and muscle building no matter what your current state is or where your goals lie. I can provide an effective program no matter where you are starting from and where you want to end up.

I believe it is very important to take the time to discuss with a client what they are willing to do as far as time, exercises and diet to achieve the goals they want. There is no point providing a program that is to intensive or intimidating only to have the client put it in the too hard basket, or on the contrary to provide a program that does not push the client enough and becomes boring. It is only through listening and good communication that both the client and the trainer will get the results they are both aiming for. As well as weights and cardio programs I have had a lot of experience training clients one on one.

I can take clients through their current program in a PT session, pushing them that bit harder than when they train by themselves. My experience in olympic lifting and biomechanics means I can make the corrections to the client with their form, weight amount and cadence of their lifting. it is quite often these small differences which prevent injuries and make big differences in the results achieved. Also look out for my Boot Camp's as well as 6 & 8 Week Challenge's!