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Our Fit24 team

The afternoon crew & Instructors

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  • Sam M

    Group Fitness & Spin Instructor

    Hi I am Sam, I have been instructing Spin classes at Fit 24 for almost three years.

    Instructor Name: Sam M

    Job Title: Group Fitness & Spin Instructor

    Years of service: 3 years

  • Alex S

    Group Fitness & Spin Instructor

    Hi I'm Alex, I have been taking classes at Fit24 since it first opened four years ago. I am also a qualified Personal Trainer and have over ten years industry experience.

    Instructor Name: Alex S

    Job Title: Group Fitness & Spin Instructor

    Years of service: 4 years

  • Emma K

    Customer Service

    Hi I'm Emma, I have been working at Fit24 for several months now. I am a NZ Rep Ice Hockey Player and have recently got back from competing in Iceland.

    Staff Name: Emma K

    Job Title: Customer Service

    Years of service: <1 year

Brett & Yvette


Hi, we are Brett & Yvette and Fit24 is our family business.  We are both Physical Education & Science teachers (started 16 years ago). I left teaching six years ago to start up and run Fit24. Yvette still teaches full-time and also takes Group Fitness & Spin classes as well as Personal Training.

Fit24 is a purpose built gym. Everything down to the floorplan, insulation, heatpumps, showers, sound system, security system is designed to provide our members with a enjoyable and comfortable experience.