What makes Fit24 so perfect for our members is the amazing sense of community and the range of experience, strength and fitness levels we can cater for. We have a membership made up of families, couples, students, professionals, mums, dads and grandparents.

There are definitely some gyms around that are based on a cheaper fitness business model. But we started Fit24 to be the best gym for our members, not the cheapest gym around. Fit24 is the gym for members that are looking for the best value not the lowest price. We have an excellent range of quality commercial equipment. It allows us to cater for all levels of “gym experience” and our members to continue to progress and keep things interesting. 

We cap our memberships and have off-peak memberships to ensure our members have a comfortable, non-crowded, environment to workout in. Completing a 45 minute workout in 45 minutes can always be done. With our membership cap, wide range of equipment and multiple sets of popular pieces (Cable crossover, dumbbell sets etc) our members don’t have to wait around.  

A gym that offers memberships for $7 per week wouldn’t cut 3/4 of its members to make you happy. And a gym that offers $9.95 per week  wouldn’t buy the quantity and quality of equipment we provide our members to make you happy. Its very cliche, but you get what you pay for. If your not going to be happy in  huge over-crowded gym, or a gym that has minimal equipment then your much better off investing $5-$10 more per week on a gym that suits your needs. 

Our NEW YEARS SPECIAL gives you access to exclusive membership prices. The memberships also come with a Personal Training session and program, our amazing SGTC’s (small group training classes), 24 hour access and of course our huge range of commercial equipment. 

We are proud of our gym communities amazing culture. Our supportive and friendly atmosphere is really due to our amazing members. This coupled with our friendly and helpful staff and experienced and professional PT’s makes for a positive fitness experience.  

To see our NEW YEARS SPECIAL pricing and inclusions click here to visit our pricing page. Or to join now click here to visit our membership portal, or pop into reception. 

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